Mercury Pro E.T.® Outboard Propeller

The new 4-blade Pro E.T.® outboard propeller is based off the popular three-blade Lightning E.T. Rated for 300 h.p., the new Pro E.T. is a natural for the new OptiMax 300XS outboard. New to this particular propeller is an option of Pro Finish or Lab Finish.

Pro Finished models, featuring thick blades (compared to Lab Finish), durable leading edges, high luster, designed for heavy bass and flats boats that require bow lift to see the big numbers at top end. The Pro Finish keeps you in mind for your every day go fast prop.

Lab Finished models, feature thinner blades (compared to the Pro Finish), crisp leading and tight trailing edges, are designed for light weight boats with natural bow lift. The Lab Finish is your prop of choice for flat out running.

Characteristics: Incredible hole shot, typically the outboard 2 stroke engine revs up to 5000, propeller grabs and doesn't let go until you back off the throttle. Mid range punch is solid and top end speeds are obtain easier with the Pro E.T. because the 4 blades offer excellent boat control. Compared to the Lightning E.T. the Pro E.T. offers greater bow lift with heavy loads (typically fishing load).

Offered in right hand rotation and in 26", 28", 30" and 32" pitch and now available in LH 32" pitch for twin cat applications.



Diameter 14 1/2"
Pitch 26"-32"
Rotation RH
Finish Pro or Lab


  • (Pro) Large, power-hungry bass boats
  • (Lab) Lightweight, "go-fast" bass boats