Mercury Mirage® Plus Sterndrive Propeller

Mercury Racing propeller specialists have enhanced the performance of the three- blade Mirage Plus propeller to strategic Lab Finishing specifications for maximum performance. Lab Finishing Technicians lab finish these popular Bravo One, X, XR and Sport Master sterndrive propellers by thinning propeller blade surfaces in specific areas, modifying the leading and trailing edges and balancing the propeller all for maximum efficiency. The propellers provide top performance in a variety of performance boat applications. The Mercury Racing Lab Finished Mirage Plus propeller is designed for vee bottom applications requiring bow lift. Offered LH and RH rotation in 23" - 29" pitch.



Diameter 14 3/8" - 15"
Pitch 23" - 29"
Rotation LH & RH
Finish Lab



  • Designed to run 50+ MPH with maximum bow lift
  • For 300 - 600 HP sterndrive vee hulls