Mercury K-Plane® Trim Tabs

Mercury Racing K-Planes® are the epitome of trim tab development, durability and performance. Originally designed to endure the rigors of offshore racing, K-Planes help get boats up on plane faster and keep them level. Selected models of the legendary trim tabs have been updated for enhanced durability, corrosion resistance and SmartCraft® compatibility.

Available in a variety of sizes for boats 21' and longer, the new K-Planes feature a stronger, corrosion resistant aluminum casting with larger support ribs for enhanced durability. Elastomer mounts on each end of the hydraulic trim ram dampen impact loads and eliminate free play. The mounts, which eliminate contact between the stainless steel pivot points and aluminum housings, reduce corrosion between dissimilar metals. Electrically bonded components and larger sacrificial anodes enhance corrosion resistance.

Double-acting hydraulic trim cylinders maintain position and react immediately to fingertip control from the helm. Heavy-duty hydraulic trim pumps are designed specifically for use with K-Planes in high performance boating. Selected models come equipped for adaptation of an electronic SmartCraft®compatible trim sender. The electronic sender enables boaters to view digital images of tab trim positions at a glance.


Model Boat Length
150S (New) 21 ft. (6.4m) to 30 ft. (9.1m)
280S (New) 31 ft. (9.4m) to 40 ft. (12.2m)
380S (New) 31 ft. (9.4m) to 40 ft. (12.2m)
450S 40 ft. (12.2m) and longer
400C Racing only
450C Racing only
600C Racing only