Mercury Avator 20e Electric Outboard

The Mercury® Avator™ 20e is among the next innovations in electric outboards, engineered to be modular and flexible to get you from morning bite to evening cruise and everywhere in between. Flexible battery connectivity gives you the freedom to optimise your boat set-up for portability and power. 

The 20e model can accelerate a 12-foot Lund® WC-12 boat at a similar rate to a 5hp FourStroke outboard, vibration-isolating components and precision tuning giving you a smooth and quiet ride.  

Intuitive Innovation

Modular Batteries

The Avator 20e can be powered by a single 2300Wh battery for simplicity, or be outfitted with up to four batteries through an Avator Power Centre to increase the range and runtime of your rig. Speak with your Authorised Mercury Dealer for how to best achieve your needs. 

Power Center

The Power Center is an integrated hub that distributes power from the battery bank throughout the system. It can also charge up to four connected Avator batteries at once from a single charging port.

Multi-Purpose Tiller Handle

The Avator tiller is perfect for anyone to take the helm with confidence, adjusting to accommodate the individual boater. It can be used as left or right-hand steer, with no tools required. 


Avator electric outboards make for a sustainable boating experience with zero direct emissions and no exhaust fumes. The lack of fuel and fumes make it easy to store cleanly at home or on your boat.

Corrosion Resistance

Engineered with proven corrosion-preventative materials and coatings, the Avator 20e is suitable for fresh or saltwater boating. 


Engine type
  • Avator
Input Power
  • 3081W
Rated Prop Shaft Power
  • 2200W
Rated Voltage
  • 48
  • Remote

Battery Type

  • Li-Ion
Battery IP Rating
  • IP67
Total Weight (Excluding Battery)
  • 47 lbs / 21.1 kgs


  • Remote
  • Tiller
Shaft Length
  • 15" / 381 mm
  • 20" / 508mm
  • 25" 635 mm 
Standard Propeller
  • 12.7 x 7p